2018 Shows

February 27 - 1pm

Live at Philbrook - Motel Sessions - Look for the Facebook live stream

March 2 - Venue Shrine

Hoedown! With Seven Feathers and Robert Hoefling Band 

March 30 - Blackbird on Pearl

Barton Long Record Release Party

April 13 - philbrook

Friday night from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

April 14 - Private Event

April 20 - Private Event

May 13 - Guthrie Green

Sunday, 2:30 PM, The Creek Rocks and Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps

May 20 - TUlsa Mayfest

Sunday, 4:45 /// 6th and Main Stage

MAY 26 - Rose District Farmers Market

Saturday, 10am - Noon

JUNE 23 - Rose District Farmers Market

Saturday, 10am - Noon

August 4 - Rose District Farmers Market

Saturday, 10am - Noon

September 1 - Rose District Farmers Market

Saturday, 10am - Noon

October 27 - Rose DiStrict Farmers Market

Saturday, 10am - Noon

November 9 - Tulsa Shrine

Friday, 9pm - 9:45pm



by The Whiskey Misters

The full record is available for FREE for a very limited time, only here!

You can still purchase the record, which is crucial to The Whiskey Misters continuing to write, record and put on shows.

Thanks for listening, and for your support!



by The Whiskey Misters

Enjoy The Whiskey Misters' debut record titled, Featuring Allen Salisbury, Slappy McCoy, and Rick "Scoot "Russell. Written, performed, and recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma courtesy of Brain Beard Studio with production assistance from, Bryan Lutherbeck, Kellen Conrad, and Kent Middleton.

A whole new Whiskey Misters record is coming down the pike, so keep your peepers peeled for that one and find it first right here. Then immediately go buy it!