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New record "Two" Now Available

The Whiskey Misters latest record is available on iTunes as of April 22, 2016. Support the band by getting yourself some good tunes.

The Whiskey Misters on iTunes.

From A basement in tulsa

The boys recently joined Jason Ferguson on his increasingly popular podcast, From a Basement in Tulsa. The conversation quickly derailed and the Misters showed their ability to continue talking, well after they should have gone to bed. It's a very entertaining episode from a podcast that's worth checking out!

Record Release Lineup update

Chloe Johns has joined the lineup! Turns out our previous opener double booked himself and cancelled on us earlier this week. So we sent out a few choice inquiries to try and secure a fellow, quality musician or band to share in the celebration that is the release of our second record. Man are we excited that Chloe Johns had not yet been plucked for that Saturday, (April 23rd). She's an incredible talent and if you're somehow not yet familiar with her work Check out some samples here.  

Saturday, APRIL 23rd at Mercury Lounge

Our second record titled TWO is dropping at Mercury Lounge on April 23rd. Banjo wielding Cody Brewer (Grazzhopper) is joining us on stage! TWO will be available on iTunes a day before the show (Friday, April 22nd) so you have time to learn all the lyrics and impress everyone when you can sing along at the show. This is going to be so much fun! Share

Coming this spring

A date has been confirmed in late April for our CD release show. Where? Drumroll please… The Mercury Lounge!

Yes thats right, Mercury Lounge seems like a great spot to spend a special night with all of those who have helped us, put up with us, and those who are as excited as we are to have some new Whiskey Misters tunes released out into the world.

We also hope to meet some new friends! Thats just one of the many reasons why we invited an old buddy and long-time Tulsa familiar (trust me, you've heard of him) to open for us. Who? Sorry, but that announcement is for a different time. For now, lets just be glad to know that a big party is fast approaching at one of Tulsa's best bars. We'll be updating you here and on Facebook with more exciting news from the Whiskey Misters.

The Picky Misters

As I have said before, it's very rare that The Whiskey Misters reach outside of the trio (Allen Salisbury, Slappy McCoy, and Scoot Russell) for studio talent. But when we do, we look to folks like the aforementioned Jacob Tovar, who has left a little not-so-hidden surprise for our listeners, on a track due to be released on our second record. 

And I can't wait another minute to tell you about one other fellow who has gone above and beyond for The Misters.

When it comes to male vocals, I'll put Justin Cooper up against anyone this side of the Mississippi (the other side of the Mississippi got some talent). Respectively, all of the Misters have worked with Cooper in the past, and we all knew that he was a strong vocalist. Scoot and Al Sal were telling me stories about his ability to build harmonies. "It's all worked out in his head before you even plug in the mic" they said. "He listens to a track once and instantly has five vocal options" they told me. Well, I don't want to give too much away, but Al Sal and Scoot weren't telling tales out of school. So, a BIG thanks to the man who knows more about harmony than the Dalai Lama. And listeners, you'll just have to hear it to believe it.

I will have a status update on the progress of the record soon. Until then, thanks for your patience and please know that we are hard at work to keep your ears happy.

Inside the Misters' Studio

We just had one heck of a good time with the one and only, Jacob Tovar in the studio. I'll give you a bit of context... 

Al Sal wrote a song that requires a whistle part in the intro and outro. While both Al Sal and I (Slappy McCoy) laid down perfectly useable whistle parts, neither of us could quite manage to convey the true Andy Griffith esque spritely tone that we were looking for. So, as we so rarely do, we looked outside of the trio for a helping hand. 

Now, looking for a great whistler in Tulsa sounds like a fools task. So the band agreed that I was the man for the job. And you can imagine the stupid faces they pulled when I walked into the Monday night studio session with none other than Jacob Tovar, Tulsa's real deal honkey tonk hero. We had so much fun, my face just now quit hurting from laughing. But most importantly, he delivered a track that will always be treasured among the Misters. A track so perfect, that when I asked if he wanted to give it another shot so we would have a couple of options, he said, "I'd just do the same thing again" haha! We all agreed that it was perfect, to which Tovar modestly replied, "It's Al Sal's melody that's so good. I just whistled it." Can't wait for you all to get to hear it!

A New Record?

After finishing our first record, Featuring Allen Salisbury, Slappy McCoy, and Rick, "Scoot" Russell and playing some live shows in Oklahoma and
Kansas we said, Hey! That was so much fun we should do it again but
with different songs!

So we dove head-first into Scoot's studio and began to whittle away at
the more than twenty songs we had written since our debut record in 2013.

We're still not sure how many of those new songs will make the cut. Could be all, could be 2 (probably not 2). But you know what; if you send us enough money, I'll bet you can have any of them that you want. Hell, one time I wrote a song for this real nice couple for fifty bucks right there in a Home Depot parking lot. 

Anyway, if you want updates on the new record, upcoming show info, or you just get really excited when an email comes in like a kid in 1985 when the mailman arrives, sign up for the mailing list. You can also bookmark this website and check it all the time. Thats probably what I'll do.



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